How to play Chess Billion Phu Monopoly for newbies

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If you are installing Co Ty Phu Monopoly but do not know how to play as well as the rules of this game, you can refer to the instructions on how to play Billion Phu Monopoly below.

Billion Phu Monopoly, or Co Ty Phu for short, is a favorite board game and can be played anywhere, with many different forms. In the past, there were paper “chess boards” with physics tools. And now, with the development of science and technology, they can Billionaire Chess on the computer, on the phone with your relatives or friends without meeting in person.

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Icons in the game Monopoly Billionaire Chess
Icons in the game Monopoly Billionaire Chess

However, like other games, Co Ty Phu Monopoly has its own rules and quite unique, many people consider it a very creative and unique subject and business game. If you want to understand how to play this chess game, please follow the article below.

The rules of the game of Ty Phu Chess


  • Each player will choose for themselves a representative.
  • To play, we will roll the dice and move the number of squares the dice will drop.
  • If 2 dice are equal, the player is rolled again.

While playing:

  • During the game, each time you go through the vacant land, you can buy it back for a business, build a house, hotel and receive interest from these activities. Because other players when passing here, will have to pay you a certain fee.
  • When you complete a round of the board game (calculated from the GO box) you will receive a reward.
  • Players can draw “Air” or “Chances” cards to increase the game’s appeal.
  • If a player shakes the dice and enters the correct box with a House, Hotel, event venue, or owned land … then fees will be charged.
  • The Fee of the Hotel is much higher than that of a normal 4th class house.
  • If the land is bought, but you don’t like it, you can ask the bank to auction it.
  • When buying all the plots of the same color, the player can double the fee.
Game rules of the game Billion Phu Monopoly
Game rules of the game Billion Phu Monopoly
  • If you do not collect the money of a player standing on your property, after that person leaves, it cannot be collected.
  • If you hit the box “Chance” or “Luck”, you are entitled to withdraw the corresponding card and receive what is on that card.
  • If you hit the box “Pay taxes”, you will have to pay the bank the correct amount in the box you are standing in.
  • If you roll the dice and hit the box “Prison”, you can still continue, not considered “Going to jail”.

The special cases when playing Chess billion

It is called a special rule because these are rules that you may or may not apply. Depending on the number of people, the play style of each place can change, increase or decrease differently or even not known.

1. The player is imprisoned:

  • Players who roll the same dice twice in a row are allowed to pour, but 3 times in a row, they must “go to jail”.
  • When winning the card “Into jail – In Jail”.
  • Must move your agent (originally selected) to the box “Prison” and not move until “Out of jail”.
How to play Chess Game for beginners
How to play Chess Game for beginners

Conditions for release from prison:

  • Sow the same dice
  • Pay a bank guarantee
  • Use a free release card (if applicable)

However, if you choose option 1 – roll the dice but the third time you cannot pour the same, you must pay the bank.

2. Construction conditions

  • Usually when we buy a piece of land, we can build it right away. But there are also many cases, forcing players to buy all the land with the same color, then build.
  • To build a hotel (restaurant), the player needs to have 4 normal houses, to the 5th house, it will be converted to a Hotel.
  • After buying land, the player cannot sell it back to the bank, but can sell it to another player.
  • There is no charge for the player to pass through the pledged field.
Types of money in the game Billion Phu Monopoly
Types of money in the game Billion Phu Monopoly

3. The special cards:

  • Opportunity card: Moving directly to Diamond Hill – the highest-charged land
  • Card “stealing”: It is allowed to take any building from other players
  • Duty Free Card (Normal): Using the card will not need to pay tax when passing through that parcel
  • Tax-free card (State): No loss of tax when winning the “Pay Tax” box

Winning conditions when playing Co Ty Phu

  • When a person runs out of money (bankruptcy) they will be considered a loser.
  • Other players will calculate the amount of assets they have, whoever is more will be the winner.
Building a Hotel or a Wonderland will incur more fees
Building a Hotel or a Wonderland will incur more fees

Monopoly’s special rules

  • Only the Bank has the right to auction, lend, release or mortgage the player’s property.
  • Each Monopoly chess set has a maximum of 32 ordinary houses and 12 large hotels.
  • Some laws allow the Bank to use plain white paper to issue money to players in the game if the game is not over.
  • Players can buy real estate right from the start of the first tiles (no need to go all the way around).
  • Free Parking – Free parking is just a normal chess box.
  • Each land plot can only build one house, if you want to build a second house on the same plot, you must liquidate the old house or have completed the construction of houses on all the lots on the table.
  • You can trade, auction to own the works.
  • It is possible to use a timed game, then check money to see who will win or use a fast game (60-90 minutes) with its own rules.

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