Avatar Star Online: Instructions to increase skills in class Uncle Hoc Crazy

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Let’s learn about how to increase the skills of the class Uncle Hoc Crazy in Avatar Star Online to make PVP easier for newcomers.

Mad scientist

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Guide to increase points for class mad Uncle Hoc

Crazy School Doctor or Biochemist is a class with quite a strong set of skills, but very difficult to play. Mastering this class will take a lot of time and effort for players, but once mastered, this will be a real nightmare for all other classes. Why say that, we will take a look at the skills of Madame Madam.

  • Bac hoc dien Avatar star sinh menh truyen dao - EmergenceingameLife missionary

Consume your own HP to heal allies with the lowest HP around (Whole map, not limited to one area at all) and get the effect. stamina.
Stamina effect: increase self-healing. When you have this effect your total health gains will increase (up to 100% if maxed). For example, if you eat health and recover 800 HP, it will double to 1600 HP. This effect is quite important to Crazy Doctor.

Plus point reference: +4 points

  • Bac hoc dien Avatar star HUt lay sinh menh - EmergenceingameAbsorb life

If you hit an enemy with a crossbow, you will receive 1 amount of health based on the damage done by the crossbow. If you do not play along the bow and crossbow, there is no need to increase this skill.
Plus point reference: 0 points

  • Bac hoc dien Avatar star truyen nhiem dich benh - EmergenceingameDisease transmission

When being hit by damage from the poisonous smoke machine, the target will have a chance of infecting everyone around them and lose blood to death if they don’t fully heal. When first released, this skill was really too imba so it has been nerfed a lot with updates. If you increase, just increase 1 point.

Plus point reference: +1 point

  • Bac hoc dien Avatar star Dan khi doc - EmergenceingameToxic gas bullets

When dealing damage with a grenade, there is a chance the victim will be poisoned (lasts 12 seconds), attribute stamina will increase the damage done by poison. If you play Crazy Uncle with a projectile, this is the main damage skill, plus max points.

Plus point reference: +5 points

  • Bac hoc dien Avatar star Phan ung man cam - EmergenceingameHypersensitivity reaction

When being attacked by an enemy, it will increase your own HP, increase running speed, if contact with the victim will poison the victim. When using this skill you will not be able to use weapons

Tip: Before using Hypersensitivity reaction then we should use skills Life missionary Previously will increase the recovery effect of this skill.

Plus point reference: +5 points

Note: The above points are for reference only for you to play along the grenade line. You can create a way to increase your skills as you like based on your gameplay, not necessarily increase as above.

I wish you to master the class of Uncle Hoc Crazy soon!

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