Genshin Impact: Tips to conquer Spiral Abyss – La Hoan Tham

Cách chơi La Hoàn Thâm Cảnh trong Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers many opportunities to challenge players, including Spiral Abyss. Here are some tips to help you conquer dungeons Spiral Abyss as seen in Genshin Impact easier.

How to play La Circus In Genshin Impact

You have a lot of things to do in the game Genshin Impact free. Players can complete quests, follow the main story, plow locations to find items, explore the map … Many new content and events are continuously updated in Genshin Impact. However, there is an area that is only unlocked after Adventure Rank 20, which is the Spiral Abyss – Luo Hoan Tham. Here are some tips to help you break through La Hoan Tham dungeon quickly.

Tips to conquer Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Study the enemies in each area and their appearance

Conquer a room in Genshin Impact

First, spend time researching each of the upcoming rooms to build the right combat team. The player can choose one of the 3 chambers on a floor to see which enemy has to face. This is important because each Chamber is divided into two parts, even more so as enemies begin to rely more on elemental shields. Basically, you should observe each Chamber, pay attention to the enemies that will appear, learn the target first and then plan your action.

Early second team upgrade

Early second team upgrade in Genshin Impact

This is very necessary. The second team upgrade is required for the Spiral Abyss quest. Don’t just focus all of the EXP and Talent resources for 4 characters, try a team of 8 people with relatively equal strength or at least a 70/30 ratio. Rooms from 4th floor up will be divided into 2 parts and players need 2 complete teams to be able to climb to 6th floor.

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Development of Talent Books

Development of Talent Book

When the character has reached certain levels in Genshin Impact, they can “level up” to the next “Phase” and the level limit increases as well. Stage 1 from level 1 to 20, stage 2 from 20-40, stage 3 from 40-50 … At each stage, players can also use more Talent Books, more random materials and the entire Mora to upgrade basic attack skills, elemental skills, Elemental Burst of the character. Therefore, if you have difficulty getting through a certain floor, you can stop playing Spiral Abyss for a day, research and develop Talent Books, and then come back after they are upgraded.

There is at least one archer & one skill group

Choose wisely when playing Genshin Impact

You should have at least one archer in the Spiral Abyss and a character capable of encircling the enemy in the same place. Venti is the best character for both positions, an archer with Elemental Burst that can suck all enemies into it.

This doesn’t really matter in the early stages of Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact but when the player starts to clash Fatui – that’s when a group skill becomes necessary otherwise the enemy army will overwhelm you. The 8th floor has a Chamber where the player needs to defeat 2 Ruin guards. Without bows to hit their weaknesses, you have no way of escaping those rooms in time.

Elemental reactions are extremely important

Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

Fighting in Genshin Impact is unique in many different ways, but basically, you need to pay attention to two main factors: the elemental reaction system and ensure the player regularly switches between the 4 characters on the team. In the main game, both of these are important until you reach 3rd world because at this point, Genshin Impact is easy enough for players to ignore those mechanics when they want.

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However, Luo Hoan Tham Canh is a different story. The player needs to learn the best elemental power combination for the new team looking to defeat the enemy.

Tips to conquer La Hoan Canh in another Genshin Impact

  • Focus on clearing all the first 3 floors first, then come back and conquer the target of up to 3 stars in each room.
  • Build a squad of 2 healers or healing weapons.
  • Pay attention to leveling up skills, items, and aids.
  • The Benediction on each floor changes from day to day and gives you 3 buff options. If each room with buffs isn’t really helpful for your team right now, you’d better head back to Abyss tomorrow.
  • Focus on increasing at least 3 to 4 characters to stage 4 (level 70) on floors 7 and up.

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