Thien Khong Chi Mon fainted with role-playing game with super terrible graphics

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The world of The Gate of Heaven Built on 3D graphics and the most advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology today, so that every frame in the game is extremely excellent. The game’s producer invited an experienced team to maximize the effectiveness of 4UE technology and Physically Based Rendering techniques. It can be said that even though you are a longtime player of role-playing games, have tried many games with beautiful graphics, but when you step into Thien Khong Chi Gate, you will experience a graphic background that you can hardly see in many places. games before.


The game has a diverse career system including 4 main occupations such as Soldier, Mage, Photo Martial and Guardian. Four occupations with different characteristics, different features such as Warrior with high damage ability, magician with control of fire and water, dealing damage to enemies. Guardians use shields to move in the battlefield to support allies and attack enemies. Martial arts using dual swords, this can be said to be an indispensable character. Not only have fighting skills, but each character wears a very impressive appearance with eye-catching outfits.


Regarding the battle system in the game, you will definitely experience completely new concepts of RPGs. Accordingly, players can participate in air battles, by using the wings equipped for the character to have very interesting battles, and the map of the game will be unlimited, players are free to fight. Fighting in a large map, flying and jumping is very interesting. In addition, the traditional features of role-playing games such as Boss battles, social interfaces…


The game is now open and available on the Android platform, interested readers can download games follow the link below. All the latest news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.​

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