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Aura Kingdom CHEAP is the title mobile games The second MMORPG based on the PC version Aura Kingdom. The brand is made by Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment, which is known worldwide for many PC games but has not been very successful with the mobile platform. This developer has never created a big hit outside of Taiwan for mobile games. Aura Kingdom CHEAP is the company’s latest effort, the game has just been released domestically in Taiwan.


Most of the features of the PC version are available in Aura Kingdom CHEAP, including Eidolon, skins, dungeons, story, marriage feature, housing, world boss, crafting, and a variety of weapons. Each character starts with 3 out of 10 weapons, then continues to choose another from level 43. If you try to spend about 50 bucks on the new Eidolon, the character can easily reach level 40 in a few hours. , with extra support from EXP quests.

Gameplay of Aura Kingdom CHEAP

However, currently the game only opens to level 82, which is when the last gem box is opened in the equipment table. It seems that the game has not updated the content yet, but will definitely continue to add more in the future.

In addition to the Eidolon, there is another companion system that allows gamers to collect NPC cards and upgrade them to receive enhanced features. Cards can be obtained from gachas, which appear to be another deposit trap for players.​

Introducing Eidolon and skins

Aura Kingdom CHEAP proved familiar to gamers who have experienced the PC version of Aura Kingdom. The game has almost no new elements, even the console is somewhat similar to the previous mobile version of the brand.

Aura Kingdom CHEAP expected to be released globally soon after updating new content X-Legend.​

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