Dance of the Universe MMORPG possesses a diverse and beautiful character system

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Vu Dong Can Khon is a role-playing game inspired by the novel of the same name, there have been many games of the same name before but have not been successful, but with this version of Vu Dong Can Khon created a mark, beating all previous self-games of the same name. After the success of the PC version, the developer continued to bring a mobile version, which many games of the same genre do.


The plot is not new, but it is loved by many players because the game is adventurous and challenging for players. Through missions, players will slowly forge their character to become stronger to come to those attractive PVP matches.


The game owns a diverse character and career system including 4 basic character classes, which are outstanding Dam Than with high defense ability, which can consume a large amount of enemy blood, in PK battles, this is a formidable character. Secondly, Dao Ton stands out with his platinum hair and the ability to use swords, with this character players need to invest and strengthen their characters to become stronger, in PK battles this character requires people Players must have certain skills.


The third is Cuu Thien Thai Thanh, a super hot female character of the game, Thai Thanh stands out with the ability to heal, so that in Pk battles, this character makes the enemy confront fear because it is difficult to weaken Thai Thanh. The last character is Dark Chi Dien, if Thai Thanh has a gentle appearance, Chi Dien is a character with an extremely hot personality, this character stands out with the ability to close combat, compared to Dao. Ton has a higher survivability in each match and with PK matches, he is a formidable opponent.


In addition, the game also has the basic features of a traditional role-playing game such as passing copies, participating in activities, doing daily tasks, hitting BOSS, guilds … are waiting for you to experience. The game is now available on the Android platform, interested readers can download games follow the link below.

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