Appears artificial intelligence that can… learn to shoot each other in FPS

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WHO nice Artificial intelligence in the game is no longer strange. The machine characters that follow the player, the virtual enemies.. or the NPCs who play the role of assigning – paying the tasks.. are typical AIs in the virtual world. But all of those artificial intelligences are pre-programmed and perform according to the actions commanded by the developer. In other words, they are simply soulless machines.

However, now it seems that the story is different when the developers of EA have just revealed an extremely advanced artificial intelligence that can learn to play games on its own. FPS Battlefield 1.


Developed by “Search for Extraordinary Experiences” or SEED for short, this artificial intelligence can learn and develop itself in playing. Battlefield 1 game. This means that when attacked or in a situation where there is a shortage of ammunition or low blood, the behavior of this artificial intelligence will automatically change without any pre-programmed commands.


Of course, this AI is still in the testing process, so there are still many problems, such as spinning in circles when the surrounding environment no longer has a target to follow. However, with its self-learning ability, it can completely develop higher in the future, sometimes even to the level of real-life gamers.


Not sure if this is good news or a harbinger for the upcoming Terminator movie. Perhaps the day Skynet was born is not far away..

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