The world of Final Fantasy III will be recreated in Final Fantasy XIV

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The MMORPG in line Final Fantasy has always been famous for his ability to “integrate” the details of old games into his world. This is actually a form of “fan-service” which is very popular in Japan in particular and the world in general. Final Fantasy XIV Obviously no exception to this rule. In the upcoming 4.25 path, an entire dungeon belongs to Final Fantasy III will be recreated in the most successful MMORPG of the series.​

If you don’t know, the Forbidden Land of Eureka is a high-level dungeon of Final Fantasy III that allows you to “farm” almost all of the strongest equipment in the game. On March 13, this dungeon will be transformed into an island in Far East’s Glass Ocean. It will be a large and open area, allowing 144 players to join at the same time to help each other complete certain goals and take down powerful enemies.​


In addition to rare rewards and new gear, Final Fantasy XIV’s Eureka Forbidden Land will also offer players unprecedented gameplay. Here, instead of the usual experience and equipment, gamers will receive a kind of “elemental” experience and dungeon-specific equipment. Through a new mechanic called the Magia Board, players can use opposing elements to attack opponents. The mutual interaction between the elements is also a decisive factor in the Eureka Forbidden Land.​


Since the first information appeared, the new patch of Final Fantasy XIV has immediately received much praise from the community. With 144 players participating at the same time, this is obviously a huge dungeon with tons of details to explore. Cooperation between gamers will definitely be appreciated, as obviously no one or a small group can defeat a hundred-man Boss with their own strength.

Patch 4.25 of Final Fantasy XIV will be officially updated on March 13.​

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