Fainting at the over-the-top gun model of Halo game

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Replica is the name for “toy” models based on certain types of weapons, armor or items in the game or movie. Of course, they have a pitiful appearance, but inside they are still just display items, made with the purpose of recreating the cool physique of virtual world items. But even so, fans can still add to that model electronic mechanisms that make them infinitely more fun.


Assault Rifle – Infamous Assault Rifle of the series Halo, is one of the prime examples of that. Crafted by gamer Jimsbeanz, this model not only recreates the look of the famous gun in Halo, but also adds an extremely unique mechanism to this weapon.


Accordingly, the Assault Rifle model, in addition to the ability to sell a series of nerf bullets, also has an electronic counter displayed right on the gun body. This is a unique mechanism of the AR guns in Halo, allowing the user to know how many pellets are left in the ice without having to pull it out to check. Surprisingly, this counter not only shows up beautifully, but also accurately counts how many nerf warheads are fired from the barrel, although it is difficult to return to “zero” because the number of bullets on a nerf cartridge is quite small.

Anyway, this is still a very meticulous and sophisticated model, both in appearance and internal working mechanism, showing how great the fan of gamers with Halo is. All information related to Halo will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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