Claiming justice for the wrongdoing that shook Pokemon history for 23 years

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In 1997, an episode Pokemon cartoons titled “Cyber ​​Soldier Porgyon” aired on Japanese television, has caused 700 children to be hospitalized after only about 30 minutes. The episode follows the adventures of Ash and his friends when they accidentally get lost in the virtual dimension of a transport machine. Pokemon with the help of Porygon (a type of pure-type Pokemon).

In the film, when a rocket hits Ash’s group, the Pokemon uses its electrical energy to shoot the rocket so that it explodes before crashing into Ash’s group. The effect the filmmakers created for this explosion was a burst of red and blue light that flashed at lightning speed. And it is the continuous light change in a short period of time that has caused great harm to the eyesight of viewers, especially children and people with epilepsy.


The “Cyber ​​Soldier Porygon” incident resulted in Porygon and its related plot developments being almost entirely omitted from the series. anime this. Fans consider this unfair, as this attack was actually performed by Pikachu and not by Porygon. Yet for the past 23 years, Porygon has paid for the episode’s mistakes by almost completely disappearing. Finally, the wrongful case was officially reclaimed 2 days before the official Pokemon Twitter page posted the status line: “Porygon did nothing wrong.”


Obviously, Porygon must bear the consequences for these mistakes because Pokemon was chosen as the face of the brand, so it is necessary to limit unnecessary negative things. Until now, when Pokemon has become a mascot to make a lot of money and create a solid foothold, admitting mistakes will not have much impact on the brand image and will not reduce the affection of fans. for Pokemon.​

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