PUBG removed Update with new anti-Hack feature

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PUBG and hacking problems are still extremely hot topics of the gaming community at the present time. That’s why the development team Bluehole are trying to solve this problem.. through both the manual reporting system from the player as well as the new anti-hack mechanisms integrated into the game. The recently introduced Anti-Cheat system is a prime example of that when it promises to remove most of the most notorious tools in the game today… However, perhaps because the “potion” is too strong, It caused side effects.


Accordingly, right after the Update with the new Anti-Cheat system officially launched, a series of gamers began to report major problems. The most typical is the inability to activate PUBG on PC while those who can enter the game also experience a significant drop in frame rate.


It is worth mentioning that these problems occur with the majority of the gaming community, who are completely clean and have never used Hack in PUBG. Realizing the error was on its part, Bluehole apologized and proceeded to remove this Update, ie forced to remove the game’s latest Anti-Cheat system. Based on feedback from PUBG’s Forum, the cause may be that this Update conflicts with software running in the background on computers such as Anti-Virus or Recorder.


This is indeed a rather unfortunate event for the gaming community because this Update hopes to effectively eliminate the current Hack problem. Hopefully Bluehole can soon resolve the issue and bring back this Update in the future. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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