CF2L season 2 2018: Watch the heroic picture of the quarterfinals at 7pm every night of the week

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CF2L Season 2 2018 is an open tournament organized by NPH VNG to provide an opportunity to gain experience for amateur teams to advance to the professional path. Round of 1/8 officially starts from 7pm on weekdays from August 27 to August 30.

After a series of intense and eye-catching competitions in the 3rd round of 22 teams, CF2L season 2 has identified the 8 best names to attend the quarterfinals including: CB Gaming, CB gaming 2, Star Reborn, CR, Follow Me, Meow, HZA 3 and Robot eSports. In which, the two brightest names for the championship are Meow Gaming and Robot Esport, respectively. Will they be able to keep their form or will they be defeated by six emerging potential seeds? The answer is only available at the quarter-final matches of CF2L season 2 2018 at 7pm on August 27 to August 30, which are livestreamed and commented directly on the youtube channel. CrossFire Legends TELEVISION.


R5.Diddy from Robot team – One of the brightest candidates for this year’s championship said: “Being in the top 8 teams to compete in the quarterfinals is an honor for our Robot team. Going through a lot of stumbling and being forced to play in the bottom bracket, which was extremely difficult but we did our best and won a slot for the quarterfinals. A lot of hardships lie ahead, but we will do our best. Robot considers the Meow team to be a very powerful new seed, so our team has organized continuous training to improve team and individual skills. Only 2 slots were allowed to advance to the Pro League, so we made up our minds and pursued it to the end.”


Leader of CB Gaming team, CBG.HuyenTran shared more: “CB, also known as Cai Bang, is a clan that I founded and maintained for a long time. We have hatched a plan to conquer and participate in tournaments together since the founding of the clan. Coming to CF2L, we have prepared and practiced very carefully for 1 year and the results are quite satisfying. However, the fateful draw caused CB Gaming 1 and 2 teams to face each other. Anyway, we discussed and agreed that we will do our best without compromise and will bring the most dramatic moments to the audience.”


8 teams are ready to dedicate the most exciting matches. Don’t miss the CF2L season 2 2018 quarterfinals will officially start at 7pm from August 27 to August 30 and will be commented directly on CrossFire Legends TV’s official youtube channel. E-sports enthusiasts, please watch and predict who this year’s championship team will be!

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