Avengers Infinity War – Little known details in the new trailer

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Avengers Infinity War Last weekend just released a new bomb with its extremely attractive trailer. However, not only brings fans explosive action scenes between Marvel superheroes and ThanosAvengers Infinity War also brings a lot of interesting hidden meanings that viewers accidentally miss.

The Power of Thanos

In the trailer, if you still remember the scene Gamora talking about Thanos did you say..”If Thanos can gather all of them Infinity Stones could wipe out half a galaxy with the snap of a finger..” In fact, this is not an exaggerated gesture at all.. In fact, when this event happened in the comics, Thanos. did exactly that with the snap of a finger.

Armor of Iron Man

We all know Iron Man’s new armor called Bleeding Edge – which is based on the comic book version with Nano technology. Bleeding Edge’s power is to allow Tony Stark the ability to transform into any weapon or tool he desires.. However, it was only today that we saw how it was activated.


Thanos only has one Infinity Stone

The beginning of Avengers Infinity War Thanos has only one Infinity Stone, which is the Power Stone.. This scene most likely begins when Thanos attacks his ship. Thor and from there take the Space Stone. This could explain the image of Thanos wearing armor and giving up armor later.. Perhaps with the power of the stones, he doesn’t need armor to protect himself anymore.


Let go of resentment

Before the common feud with Thanos, the superheroes who clashed in Civil War joined hands to establish a new alliance.. The scene when Captain America stepped off the plane and shook hands with Black Panther proved this. Behind him we can see James Rhodes (War Machine) now has more tripods, as well as the Vision duo. Scarlet Witch side by side.


The Black Order arrest Loki

Who is The Black Order? They are 5 lieutenants under Thanos including Black Dwarf, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Supergiant. However, in the trailer we only see 4, which seems to confirm the absence of Supergiant as the comic version. If you want to learn about the background of these 5 guys, you can refer to the article:


Scarlet Witch’s Mysterious Enemy

In this scene, although the viewer only focuses on Scarlet Witch, if you pay attention you can see a strange thing in the right corner of the screen. Yes, it was the female hand holding some kind of glowing weapon. According to the Black Order’s “profile”, Proxima Midnight is the only female member to wield a weapon. In fact, Proxima Midnight’s weapon is what makes her overwhelming power. Taking the shape of a spear, it was cast from a sun imprisoned in a twisted dimension.. giving it the power of a supernova combined with a black hole. That’s why in the comic version, Proxima Midnight can easily use the spear to lock Hulk’s legs..


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