Young people go to the net to easily “steal” the phone of the shop owner and use it temporarily

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Theft stories are too common in the past net shop when this is a gathering place of countless complex components. Despite being very vigilant, sometimes it only takes a minute of opening, the net shop owner still have to pity to see their property “flying without wings”.

In addition to those who specialize in roaming at net shops, they rely on devices to steal components with very sophisticated tricks, another object that often steals is the customers who come to the shop to play the net every day. . The purpose is not to go to the shop to steal things, but sometimes greed suddenly emerges, taking advantage of the loopholes of others, but these young people can’t hold back their wrongdoing.

Specifically, recently, a net shop owner urgently posted a forum to share about a new case that happened at his shop about a guest who came to play the net when he left and conveniently “stealed” the owner’s phone to immediately on the checkout counter. Unfortunately, this behavior was caught on camera. So right after that, the owner found the object in an instant.​


“Foreign responsibility, post-responsibility”, over and over again to make such a case is also partly the fault of the shop owner when he left his property in such a haphazard manner. The net shop is a place where people go in and out and it’s difficult to control. If unfortunately it is a stranger or a visitor, even if there is a camera recording in person, it is very difficult to find and retrieve the property.


This is not an isolated case, and it is also considered an expensive lesson for each household net business. In order to avoid such unintended incidents, it is necessary to be more careful in protecting their assets and customers, tightening security and monitoring.


Or the “rogue” elements who intend to “turn off their eyes” should also “beware” if they do not want to become the character that is stigmatized in front of the online community, because almost anyone net room All of them now have surveillance cameras. Don’t suffer unpredictable consequences because of greed rising up in an instant

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