The father of Roblox set up a new studio – Do you want to compete with your own baby?

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Adopt Me! is the leap of Roblox Game with interactive style of players far beyond many popular games today. In February, the game reached 20 billion hits, an impressive number for a game belonging to a game system.

So it’s no surprise that the talent behind Adopt Me! established his own company called Uplift Games. Previously, the team that developed the game was just called Team Adopt Me and Dreamcraft, but Uplift Games has grown to become a mature company with 40 employees geared towards development.


While Uplift Games will continue to support Adopt Me!, the company is also focused on developing other future projects (no confirmation yet on whether the projects will launch on Roblox or titles. indie games). The default revenue split on Roblox is 30% for Roblox Corp and 70% for more specific developers.

Josh Ling, Business Operations Manager for Uplift Games said: “Although we’ve been growing Adopt Me as a team for almost four years, Uplift Games is a huge step forward in delivering on our vision. Our coming to the game industry. Our diverse team is the best in combining the worlds of traditional game development and Roblox. We can’t wait to continue building premier Metaverse experiences in flexible and sustainable ways.”​


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