The villains make fans both love and fear in the Batman series (P.2)

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5. Scarecrow

Scarecrow, whose real name is Professor Jonathan Crane, is a super criminal who uses chemicals to induce hallucinations of fear on his victims. Jonathan has been plagued by fear since he was a child, so he became a leading professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Gotham University. The experiments of fear on man went so far that his mind went mad. The fear he brought to people not only from his experiments, but also from his horrible appearance. Scarecrow often wears a burlap scarecrow suit with extremely disgusting patchwork.


6. Joker

Joker is the oldest and most annoying enemy of Batman, which represents “everything Batman is up to.” His appearance, personality, laughter and jokes often leave a deep impression on the audience and readers. His identity is very mysterious, his real name has never been revealed, only knowing that he is a criminal genius with an extremely monstrous personality, others also call him “clown”. Joker is very elusive, he often has detailed plans with high precision in his crimes. In many cases Batman can’t guess what the Joker’s next move is and falls into his trap. The Joker is always on the list of the greatest supercriminals created by magazines and review sites.


7. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s real name is Harleen Quinzel, a former criminal psychologist working at Arkham Asylum. During her interactions with the Joker while he was imprisoned here, she fell in love with him. She became a partner next to the Joker, creating the most scandalous couple in the world of comics. The Joker treats Harley Quinn quite badly, but her love for him is almost unchanged. Harley Quinn is also known as Poison Ivy’s best friend. Ivy injects Harley with a drug that makes her stronger and immune to almost all poisons. Harley has a crazy personality influenced by the Joker and is willing to do anything for him, but still shows kindness in many cases.

8. Bane

It is unknown what Bane’s real name is, he is known to be the only criminal to ever break Batman’s back. Bane has lived in a prison environment since childhood, so his killing instincts developed very early. He’s the prototype for the Government’s Venom compound. Bane thought he was dead but no, he survived and discovered the secret substance that gave him a terrible power. However, Bane must take it every 12 hours to maintain this strength, or else will suffer from debilitating side effects.


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