Because of PUBG, this FPS game died miserably

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Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback and many free-to-play weekends, Lawbreakers of Boss Key Productions and Nexon have had a rough time since their debut late last year. According to Steam’s sales tracking system, the title shooting game This only reaches 50 on the best day. Nexon had to discuss the game’s shortcomings in its Q3 2017 financial report.


In its report, Nexon said total company revenue increased 36% year-over-year, but revenue in the North American region declined slightly due to poor results of the company. Lawbreakers. Nexon Chief Financial Officer Shiro Uemura said: “The results in North America for the third quarter were below our expectations, mainly due to revenue Lawbreakers lower than expected. Lawbreakers Is one FPS games unique for strong gamers”.


Despite the high expectations, unfortunately the time of the debut of Lawbreakers full of disadvantages. The game came out in August, almost at the same time as the luminary of the year PUBG. Not only that, PUBG It also went on pre-sale from March and by the time of its official release, it had sold 7 million copies. Mr. Uemura commented that the appearance of PUBG making the FPS game market very difficult for new games in general and Lawbreakers in particular.”​

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