The game offers a bonus of 1.6 billion if you have proof of real-life monsters

Monster Hunter World was officially released and stunned the gaming community by the quality of gameplay. True to the name, the game allows players and their friends to step into the journey to hunt for super monsters in the game’s extremely large world. But not only famous for the quality of gameplay, this game is also known through a super unique advertising campaign.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

However, to say that the advertising campaign is somewhat inaccurate.. it is more like a real monster hunt. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. Capcom is currently conducting a strange event unprecedented in the history of the game world with a super prize value.


Specifically, through this event, Capcom offers up to 50 thousand pounds, or about 1.6 billion VND.. to anyone who provides real evidence of monstrous creatures that are believed to exist in real life. However, not only 1, but participants will have to provide 10 evidence for 10 different objects listed by Capcom to be able to own this huge amount. These 10 objects are actually 10 names that have been rumored a lot in human culture, ranging from Yeti, Chupacabra, Mongolian Death Worm to the Owl Man in America. After providing this evidence will be verified by the Fortean Zoological Center.


This can be considered a rather unique advertising trick and an interesting activity for gamers who like to tinker with legends in the real world. Although it is not clear if anyone has succeeded in gathering evidence, it does at least tell people about a few mysterious creatures that still lie in the ambiguity of mankind.

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