4 remake games that you should not miss at all costs

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There are games produced a long time ago with quality that players will never forget. They, are the most eloquent evidence for the fact that a good game does not need beautiful graphics or great image quality to still be able to touch the hearts of players. Of course, that doesn’t mean that graphics don’t play an important role in making a good game. On the contrary, it is like the face of a product, the player’s first impression of the game. Obviously, super cool but old games will have poorer visual quality than recent products, and that will generally prevent new gamers from accessing these games. Therefore, game remakes with higher image quality are definitely necessary to make younger gamers not “missed” with any classic game. Here are 4 super-quality remakes worth checking out whether you’ve played the original version or not.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered


One of the most loved shooting games of all time. Modern Warfare is the return after more than a decade of the original on PC, Xbox and PS4. Nearly everything of the game is kept intact, with the graphics being raised to a new level and making everything seem brighter. Going back to the old maps, getting your hands on familiar guns, and doing what you used to do decades ago, it’s a great experience for fans of the Call of Duty series.

And if you’ve never played this game before, Modern Warfare was once considered the beginning of a trend of anti-terrorism themed games. Impressive, dramatic storyline, plus smart gameplay and stunning graphics of 2017, this is definitely a game you don’t want to miss.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby


Pokémon has never been a hot brand with global gamers. In these two titles, the world of Pokémon has literally evolved. If the original version of the game was once one of the best Pokémon games, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby went even further by adding a host of “creatures”, landmarks, characters and mechanics. new. Everything that needs to stay the same is completely preserved, the graphics become shimmering, along with a series of positive additions, fans of the Pokémon series were not wrong to think that these 2 versions are even better. original version.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D


One of Nintendo’s early masterpieces, and one of the best titles in the Link and Zelda series. Remastered on the 3DS, this version is a huge advancement in controls besides graphics. Roll, jump and puzzle to overcome the challenges of Hyrule, you will once again be the Link of the old days. Not that the new titles in the series are bad (Breath of the Wind is a masterpiece), but if you love the classics, then Majora’s Mask 3D is definitely for you. And if you still think that Zelda is the main character of The Legend of Zelda series, this is definitely one of the games that you should use to start your journey with…Link.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy


Recalling the old days, when this game was still called by the writer with the name “Go Fox” (Evil Fox), sounds very “country”, but is clearly easier to read and memorize than Crash Bandicoot. One of the best runner games (called go-cards when I was a kid) that the writer has ever played through, and the impression is still hard to fade. “Going Fox” used to have 3 parts, now compressed into a single 3D version. Not only improved in terms of graphics, this remake also improved the “save game” as well as “pause” mechanics. Besides, Crash’s sister Coco will also become a playable character. In general, those are obviously not the changes that make the game completely transform, but it is certainly enough for those who used to “sharpen their butt” on the chair at the electronic shop to “break” the game again. his pleasures.

To date, those are the 4 best remakes of the old masterpieces according to the writer’s opinion. In the future, there will be more classic games covered with flashy graphics of today. Who knows, at some point, your favorite game will also make it to this list. Worth hoping and waiting for, right?

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