Kerbal Space Program 2 – The sequel of the hit addictive game refuses to be exclusive on Epic

Kerbal Space Program 2 Hau ban cua game gay nghien dinh dam tu choi doc quyen tren Epic0o29t - Emergenceingame

After a series of games won “bonus points” by specifically announcing a shortage of loot boxes, it seems the general trend now is for studios to announce in advance that their games will not be available. Store-exclusive release Epic Games. So rest assured that Kerbal Space Program 2 will be available on the PC platform.

One of the three most frequently asked questions is “is the game an Epic Games exclusive?”. The answer given was “Kerbal Space Program 2 will release on Steam and some other stores”, with the console version being updated some time later. This announcement is not completely unfounded, because publisher Private Division will bring The Outer Worlds to Epic Games as a limited-time PC exclusive game.


Another note is that the game is confirmed to have “no separate currency units or bonus boxes that are common in most current games. The above purchases have never been and will never be part of the game. KSP2. The focus of the game is on providing impressive, impactful content that keeps fans hooked on the game. For now, publisher KSP2 is focusing on preparing for a great launch!”

This will be a new beginning for KSP, so old mods will not be carried forward – but the new technology promises to “give modder unprecedented access to systems they couldn’t touch” in the original game.


Kerbal Space Program 2 will cost 59.99 USD (about 1.3 million VND) when released in 2020. There is currently no announcement about the game having support for Mac or Linux operating systems.​

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