The villains are more popular with Japanese youth than the protagonists

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In any work manga nice anime There are always two opposing factions, in which the villain always thinks of ways to cause trouble for the front. The front and the villain are always two extremes, one in heaven and one on earth, but there are also some special situations where villainous characters or organizations are more attractive. Let’s take a look at the famous villains in manga and anime, but are most popular with Japanese youth!

Vegeta (7 Dragon Balls)


Vegeta is one of the main characters in the “Dragon Ball 7”, at first as a villain invading the earth, then being defeated by Son Goku’s people. Although he won with a lot of help, Vegeta still considered it an insult and harbored hatred for Son Goku. But after many events, Vegeta and Goku stood side by side to fight to protect the Earth, even combining together into Vegito. Vegeto is loved because despite his cold and iron appearance, he has an enthusiastic heart, although he belongs to the villain side, but he is very good at helping the main character Goku.

Team Rocket (Pokemon)


Team Rocket is a criminal organization made up of many members, but the most prominent trio is Jessie, James and Meowth, their goal is to find and possess the rarest Pokemon to feed the dream of world hegemony. Although belonging to an evil organization, this trio is very popular with everyone because of their humor and fun. Despite consecutive failures, they always try, which makes young people unable to “hate” them.

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)


Itachi Uchiha is an important character in Naruto, a member of the Akatsuki organization, brother of Sasuke Uchiha, a genius ninja of the clan. In order to protect his brother and Konoha, Itachi took on the task of destroying the entire Uchiha clan, then joined the organization as a spy in Konoha. Living a life of tragedy, Itachi Uchiha makes people feel more pitiful than to blame.

Black Organization (Famous Detective Conan)


The Black Organization / Black Connection is a transnational criminal organization with mysterious colors that appeared from episode 1 and covered throughout the famous Detective Conan. The main character Shinichi also because of the organization member Gin gave him the poison APTX4869 to shrink his body, starting a whole story. Despite doing countless crimes, this organization is still loved for very paradoxical reasons such as “Gin is cold but very handsome”, or Vermouth was once saved by Conan, so he often protects him from the organization. Even a lot of readers are looking forward to the moment this organization appears to witness the unbelievable battles.​

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