Raid gamer suddenly became famous because he was mistaken for Son Tung MTP

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It is no longer strange to suddenly be noticed by a large number of netizens because there is a net similar to celebrities. And recently, the story once again happened in the player community Assault making the members, just by looking at the photo, wonder: “Son Tung MTP is also a “gut” fan of this game or not?


But the real main character in the photo is Bui Quoc Huy. The photo is shared with his childhood memories of a young man attached to Raid from more than 9 years ago. For a game that has gone through a journey of more than 10 years, this is indeed an admirable “glue paint” attachment. Along with that is a sincere affirmation: “I don’t know how long CF will last, but as long as CF exists, I’ll stick with it. Up to the present time, all my enthusiasm is devoted to the clan and brothers. I will not stop giving until I am no longer here.”


After sharing, the male gamer’s post received many comments from other members, but most of them had to say that “What’s like Son Tung MTP too much?, “Copy of Son Tung MTP?”, or “Is there any relation to Son Tung”. Indeed, the guy’s face in the photo has a lot of similarities with this Thai Binh male singer.​

However, perhaps it is only the shooting angle that leads to this “slight” similarity. The proof is that on his personal facebook page, in many other selfie photos, it is completely clear that the guy and Son Tung MTP do not have any points related to each other.

Knowing Bui Quoc Huy’s post in response to the event “Golden Treasure” of the Raid player community. The contest is an opportunity for gamers to reminisce about their youth with the game and their unforgettable memories, and thereby win valuable gifts. The event also surprised many people when among them many gamers have been with the game since their youth until now, they have settled down, their wives and children still do not miss this spiritual child. .

Let’s admire the impressive game angles of the gamers participating in this event.

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