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World of Tanks Blitz can be considered as the king of the line Tank fighting game online on Mobile.. but now that throne will be directly threatened by a new force, a game that owns the most terrible graphics on mobile at the moment. Yes we are talking Armored Warfare: Assault – Mobile version of the game Armored Warfare popular on PC. Powered by the monster Unreal Engine 4Armored Warfare: Assault conveys to gamers the most beautiful and vivid graphics platform on mobile at the moment.


To warm up to the official release date that is very near, Armored Warfare: Assault has officially opened early registration for Mobile gamers from today. All you need to do is access the link below, click the “register” button to be able to add your name to the game’s community. Battle Tank this.

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Of course, gamers will receive incentives when participating in registration. There, each successful registrant will receive a free exclusive skin class for the West German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank. Leopard 1 used to play a key role in the armies of European countries, which was honored as the perfect design for the tank surface of the 60-70s.


A look at the gameplay Armored Warfare: Assault will delve into PvP battles in many different formats, allowing gamers to re-fight immediately after being shot down. This creates an extremely high-paced gameplay system, allowing gamers to constantly feel the crazy heat of the battlefield without having to wait. Along with that, the game also has 2 main PvP modes, 3v3 and 8v8, completely for you to choose freely.


Regarding the number of tanks, Armored Warfare: Assault has up to 80 modern Tank models divided into many Classes. There you can choose between Heavy Tanks, Assault Vehicles, Snipers and Scouts with unique strengths. However, no matter which Tank model you choose, you still have the opportunity to upgrade and develop them over time. With the leveling and reward system, surely Armored Warfare: Assauls will let players push their firepower to the highest.


After the early registration event Armored Warfare: Assault It is expected to release on both Android and iOS this February. When the game is officially launched, Emergenceingame.Com will update the game download address for readers as soon as possible.

Armored Warfare: Assault game trailer.

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