Revealing shocking never-before-seen images of horror blockbuster IT

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Clown Pennywise is one of the scariest horror clown characters in western popular culture. This character was born from the horror novel “It” published in 1986 by American writer Stephen King. Movie It 2017 is made based on the famous novel of the same name by writer Stephen King, It is expected to last two parts. The work revolves around the battle between a group of close friends and Pennywise – a demon disguised as a clown, specializing in killing children. Every 30 years Pennywise back again and they have to deal with it.


September 2017, clown Pennywise brings obsession to both children and adults around the world. At the same time, it swept all the box offices in North America and many other places, earning admirably huge sales among this year’s movies. Although the film has now been discontinued, the audience is still scared every time they see this ghostly clown.

Recently, the producer has released a series of never-before-seen images behind the scenes while filming the blockbuster horror movie. It. Many photos are also extremely scary when recording the clown scene Pennywise eating a child’s arm, or baring fangs and claws… It will surely make the faint-hearted audience shiver in panic and be extremely haunted.

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