Unique mod turns GTA 5 into a Zombie survival game

There is an immutable theorem in the virtual world.. that the game, no matter how great, can only last 2-3 years. Soon with the strong development of the new generation, the “old people” will gradually sink into the golden age and make way for more beautiful and terrible games. But there is still something that keeps veterans alive for years, a panacea to prolong the life of any product.. Yes, we’re talking Mods.

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With Mod, an original game is ready to make a change with a completely different style… even if it doesn’t carry the old name, it’s hard for anyone to recognize it. That’s why the “life” of the game is extended and strongly developed through the Mods created by the fans themselves. GTA 5 is a prime example of that. Although it has entered its 5th year, Rockstar’s game is still one of the hottest names today..

And the following Mod makes GTA 5 even more crazy..


Well with this Mod, gamers will turn the GTA 5 world into a true Zombie survival game, where all traces of civilization are completely wiped out during the pandemic. Modern buildings, busy residential areas, and streets full of cars.. are now covered with a wild coat with plants covering all four sides. Those of you who do not exist alone in that world but lurking somewhere in the forests or abandoned towns are zombies pretending to be bloodthirsty or survivors like you.


In fact, this is not “one” only Mod but it is the result of many post-apocalyptic Mods combined by Youtuber “DoctorGTA”. The result we see is a true dead world in GTA 5. But not only the visuals, these Mods also put gamers in a survival challenge where the main character will be strongly impacted by hunger and low physical strength. Therefore players will have to step out into the world out there, doing their best to find and pick up what remains of a dead civilization.


If you want to turn GTA 5 into a Zombie survival game, you can look for Mods like GTA 5 Zombie Apocalypse, GTA 5 Zombie ModThe Walking Dead Mod, The Last Of us Mod and Natural Vision Remastered Graphics on the website: https://www.gta5-mods.com/.​

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