The titles in PUBG Mobile that players should know

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After finishing each match, players will receive some experience points as well as the score they gained during playing PUBG Mobile. But very few people pay attention to the trophies that come after each of those matches.

What is the effect of titles at the end of the game and what does it mean? Let’s learn about the title system in PUBG Mobile through the following article.

famous name in pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile – Survival game on a deserted island

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The titles in PUBG Mobile that players should know

1. Marathon Man

Sometimes PUBG Mobile players can’t find any motorbikes or cars, and most importantly, you are far away from the safe area and the circle is shrinking at a very fast rate. At such times you can only press the key to run fast in a straight line, when you move with a distance of over 1000 meters, the system will automatically assign you the title of Marathon Man.

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2. Suicide Squad

The title of Suicide Squad is certain that very few people have, as it is more of a satirical title than a kind of commendation. You can only get it when you commit suicide (in the literal sense) with a boom, fall from a height …. or do anything without any opponent affecting you. And the end result, you will get this interesting title.

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3. Armor Expert

Armor Expert is given to those who fully equip all level 3 gear in a game (including helmet, armor and pants). In case you have to replace other equipment, at the end of the game, this armor expert title will still be received.

The name of the game in pubg mobile is known as 4

4. Too Soon

Often it can be due to being subjective or overconfident in their own abilities, so some people often land in hot spots or locations that attract PUBG Mobile players such as Georgopol, Novorep … and military bases to Find valuables. But that also puts you in a dangerous situation, having to fight with a lot of other players and most likely you will be defeated right before you can pick up anything. If you die when the game is less than 3 minutes, you will have this “noble” title.

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5. Curator

In survival games, looting is very important and necessary, it not only helps you have good items but can help you survive longer. With a level 3 backpack, you can pick up more items, when you can’t pick up any more, you’re full. Now at the end of the match you will gain the title of Curator.

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6. Medic

In a specific match, the Medic title will be given to the user of the item that heals more than 200HP. The character’s HP will be consumed when directly taking damage from other players, staying underwater for too long or outside the circle. Each time you use a healing item, the player will receive a certain amount of HP.

The name of the game in pubg mobile is known as 7

7. Lifesover

Players with teamwork to save others in danger, respawning 3 times in a match will receive the title of Lifesover. This title does not require you to save a person 3 times, so if you do it 3 times, you have completed the task.

famous name in pubg mobile ghost player know 8

8. Helpless

Helpless can only be obtained when you play as a team, in a match you are injured but not completely dead and not able to recover, must ask for help from teammates, when the number of times of continuous help increases up to 3 times is when you get it.

famous name in pubg mobile is 9

9. Headhunter

The requirements of this title are very simple, players can use any item to defeat the opponent by attacking their head, can use a pan, stick, gun … it’s up to you. As long as you start 2 times in a game is fine.

famous name in pubg mobile is the name of the player who knows 10

10. Prone to Prone

This is a title for the player to defeat others who are in a hiding state, lying on the ground. You can easily get Prone to Prone in the last round when the number of players is waiting for the opportunity to kill you.

the name of the player in pubg mobile is 11

11. Nugget Dinner

The title Nugget Dinner is only awarded to players with good results in the match, players who beat 1 to 5 other players but must reach 1st place to get this noble title.

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12. Chicken Master

Similar to the Nugget Dinner title, the player who reaches 1st place and has a record of killing 5 or more people in a game will be awarded the Chicken Master title. With it you can share on Facebook, twitter, instagram, …. show off your trophies with your friends.

the name in pubg mobile is known as 13

13. Gunslinger

Unlike the Chicken Master and Nugget Dinner titles, Gunslinger is a noble title awarded to those who have an excellent record of killing 7 or more players in a match. It sounds simple, but it’s not really so, to destroy that many people is not easy at all. According to statistics, the number of people who achieve this title in each match is only 1 person.

the name in pubg mobile is known as 14

14. Terminator

If you’ve ever reached 1st place in the survival game PUBG Mobile, you probably already have this title, but sometimes players just don’t notice it. Terminator only requires you to destroy the last surviving player of the game, just this one life and you get to 1st place you can get Terminator.

famous name in pubg mobile only 15
Above are all the titles included in PUBG Mobile that you should know, try to get yourself noble titles like Gunslinger or Terminator, become an excellent player in the match and you can brag freely. with other people. But to be the best survivor you also need to have some method or trick, Tips to predict the safe zone in the next PUBG Mobile also gives players many advantages to this fierce survival.

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