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Get 2 free Celeste and Inside products from today

Still continuing the series of giving activities free games for gamers, this time Epic Store Bringing two popular games are Celeste and Inside. Both games have earned a rating of 10/10 from IGN – one of the most famous game review sites in the world. This game giveaway will last from today (August 30) to September 5.​


Celeste is an action adventure game developed and published by Matt Makes Games Inc, the game was released on both PC and Nintendo Switch platforms, this is also the winner of the award. Indie games Best 2018 of The Game Awards.

Celeste’s story revolves around a depressed woman named Madeline and her journey up the Celeste mountain. Players need to control this character to climb the mountain while having to avoid various deadly obstacles. Celeste has more than 300 levels for players to conquer, giving players a great experience when they can both climb mountains and fight different types of bosses.


Inside is a puzzle adventure game developed and published by Playdead Studios. The game’s protagonist is an unnamed boy who discovers surreal and monochromatic environments. Playing as this boy, gamers solve puzzles about the environment and avoid death. The player controls the protagonist to run, swim, climb and use objects to overcome obstacles and progress in the game. This boy can die in many different ways, such as being shot with a tranquilizer dart, being captured by a security machine or drowning… If the character dies, the game will start from the nearest checkpoint.

Hidden in Inside are mysterious questions and countless theories for players to discover for themselves. Players will be covered in a layer of fog, not knowing what will happen even if everything is over.​


Interested readers can download these 2 free games to your device here

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