How has GTA changed over the past 2 decades? (End)

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – 9.5/10

Probably the best thing about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is that it doesn’t look like a miniature handheld version of any game GTA any before. Instead, GTA: Chinatown Wars feels like a logical progression in the flow of GTA. This game also introduces a number of other features and above all steps beyond the previous shadow of GTA: Liberty City Stories. With an attractive gameplay style and good graphics quality that makes it one of the best GTA titles in history. And if you already own a PSP device, you should not ignore this game.


Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City – 9/10

Even if you choose to skip the Multiplayer mode and most of the side quests, you’ll still get over 20 hours of quality gameplay with this part of GTA. Continuing the previous success of the GTA series, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City has a compelling story, memorable characters and truly possesses a top notch gameplay. Gamers who own PS3 Those days had to wait a long time to experience this game on Sony’s platform, but this is certainly not a reason enough for these gamers to hate GTA: Episodes from Liberty City.


Grand Theft Auto DRAW (PS3/360) – 9/10

A great creation when for the first time in the history of GTA, gamers have up to 3 playable characters in the game combined with a great open world game. There’s so much to appreciate GTA DRAW such as excellent graphics quality, superb gameplay, and a wide range of playable side quests add variety and richness to the game. Players have too many choices when setting foot in the world of GTA 5they can freely fly around the streets, perform random quests or delve into the lives of the three main characters… This is an important step in the flow of GTA that makes GTA 5 what it is. The best-selling game in the history of the world gaming industry.


Grand Theft Auto V (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – 9/10

Aside from a few frame rate issues, this is a necessary and important “evolution” step for GTA 5 to create one of the best-looking games across platforms. Console present. Not stopping there, GTA 5 sets the standard for open-world gaming, and even if you’ve played through the version for Last-gen platforms, it’s still well worth the experience to feel it again. Get what’s new in this release. That’s why after 5 years of being born, GTA 5 is still on the top of the glory of the world game industry with a record number of sales.


Thus, after three articles, gamers have had an overview of the great strides of the GTA series. From a simple 2D title to one of the best open world titles in the world. A benchmark for any future game.

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