Top generals carrying the team season 11 Arena of Valor

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In a game of Arena of Valor, there is always a need for a champion who can carry the team, who can lead the whole team to the final victory no matter how difficult the situation of the match is. So which general is capable of doing that, please follow the article on top generals carrying the team season 11 Arena of Valor.

Talking about the ability to carry the team here is not talking about the generals who are able to destroy many enemies, not those who try to farm a lot to have enough items and then rush into the fight to claim the team. Team carry champions are generals that are able to cover many areas of the map, support teammates when needed, harass enemies and create mutations in teamfights. You don’t need to kill a lot to carry the team, which are the generals you will know right away.

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Top generals carrying the team season 11 Arena of Valor

1. Annette

Dubbed a super support, Annette is an extremely mobile and flexible mage in combat. The witch has the ability to heal and support her teammates very well and is also an expert in harassing the enemy. Annette possesses a wide range of damage skills and extremely annoying control effects. Annette’s ultimate is extremely powerful when it can neutralize all control effects that the enemy causes to her. A very annoying champion who has the ability to maneuver, survive, protect and deal damage will be the key to carrying the team to victory.

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2. Sephera

Sephera possesses a skill set that has many similarities with the witch Annette when she can both deal great damage, control enemy champions and heal her teammates. Her only weakness is that it is extremely difficult to use because the skill mechanism is not oriented, so it is difficult to accurately align on the target. But for professional players who are too mature, Sephera chooses thanks to its very effective role on the battlefield, creating advantages for teammates in total combat.

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3, Arum

Arum is a champion that has both good resistance and the ability to deal great damage. Possessing a very powerful skill set and passive, he can both defend and deal damage and drain his opponent’s blood. Arum is like a tank dominating everything that jumps in its path. Most gamers are afraid to face the power of this general, so Arum’s role as a team carrier becomes even more obvious on the battlefield.

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4. Lumburr

Lumburr is an incredibly powerful tank that is rarely used for a number of reasons, but anyone who has played Lumburr will have to admit that this is an all-round defensive champion. The defensive ability is on par with Toro’s, but supporting teammates is not inferior to Alice. Lumburr with his majestic stone body can quickly save his teammates from dangerous situations, even accepting a few enemy generals to let them hit the door can’t fall. Lumburr can create a big mutation in teamfights thanks to its abundant damage, can create extremely annoying combos when combined with other champions.

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5. Zip

Zip is the latest tank and support champion in Arena of Valor, just appeared but Zip has already shown his great team carrying ability. This champion can perform a lot of effective roles from suddenly attacking enemies, protecting teammates and performing escape missions easily because of his ability to swallow champions and monsters. Your teammates are weak, don’t worry because you have Zip, just get into Zip’s belly and you will be safe. Zip is also very annoyed with the threatening, tantalizing phase that causes enemies to run away or raise their hands on your team’s forest resources. Need to carry the team, already have a Zip if this champion is not banned from playing.

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Above are the 5 generals with the best team-carrying ability in Arena of Valor season 11, of course, to carry the team, it is not only about choosing a champion, but also depending on the player’s skills. So if you really want to carry the team, then practice really hard, otherwise you will not only be unable to carry the team, but also lose. You can also refer to Top League of Legends season 11 the best.

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