Top marksmen dominating League of Legends match 9.15

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Gunners are champions that often play an important role at the end of a match, choosing the gunners that can dominate the game is very important, let’s take a look at the top names in the following article. ADC dominates the game League of Legends version 9.15.

An ADC capable of dominating the match in League of Legends needs to meet a number of necessary criteria, helping to bring about really different effects in the match.

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Top marksmen dominating League of Legends match 9.15

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General criteria

– Good damage, most ADCs have great late game damage thanks to their gear and passive. However, there are gunners whose damage is not too high but are capable of destroying the opponent’s squad.

– Multi-use, if the gunner only stops at farming, building and fighting, the gunner still can’t play a dominant role. A gunner can be used in many situations, from dealing damage, destroying opponents, supporting teammates, not just focusing on shooting and killing is a good gunner.

– Having the ability to outplay the opponent, based on damage or mobility, gunners can reduce their ability to fight, control or even eliminate the opponent from the battle ring quickly are the gunners extremely useful.


As a champion with a super good carrying ability, with a fast fire rate, effective multi-target damage and a long range, she really becomes an overpowered sniper and is trusted by many players. throughout many seasons in the position of ADC. Jinx is strongest from mid game to late game. Controlling Jinx is also not difficult because the skill set is mainly clicked without having to calculate too much, you just need to focus on Jinx farm at the beginning of the game so that she has a certain amount of items, strong enough to fight teamfights. Overall, Jinx won’t get bored with anyone.

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Dominating the match thanks to his ability to poke extremely well with long range, Ashe is also an extremely easy-to-play, easy-to-control marksman champion. Ashe’s powerful laning, slow-target kite flying, awesome map control, and very fast lane clearing make Ashe much more versatile than previous versions.

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Ezreal is a champion that needs a lot of accuracy, but if it falls into the hands of a player with good skills, it is possible to use Q to hit the target continuously, which means the cooldown is reduced and the skill is improved. With constant regeneration, Ezreal will dominate his lane and make the opponent have to go home to heal continuously if they don’t want to go to the scoreboard.

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Vayne is a marksman only for players because of her difficulty in using. Doesn’t require players to combine elements to optimize their own strength such as Ezreal correctly using Q. Vayne deals true damage as % of health, so thick armor tanks are nothing. Compared to her ability to deal damage, Vayne is also a sniper who specializes in countering champions with directional skills. She is a sniper with a high ability to cause mutations, the R + Q combo can help her teammates eat dragons and Baron extremely fast, more specifically, this combo can destroy a whole squad with good resistance. .

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Caitlyn has a fairly safe playstyle and is especially useful when playing a positional role, although Caitlyn possesses not too high damage but is an extremely versatile gunner. Caitlyn’s dominance is most evident when she is an expert at bullying opponents in the same lane. In teamfights, Caitlyn also plays her role well when she can keep the combat distance and still help her teammates increase the amount of damage significantly.

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However, the article about top marksman dominating the game of League of Legends 9.15 is still for reference only, how to use it depends a lot on skills and regular daily practice. Hope the article can be of some help in choosing a cabinet general for you. Besides, you can refer to 5 things to know about the 9.15 League of Legends update here.

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