Female gamer VLTK Mobile urgently posted a forum to accuse her lover of stealing clean “money”

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The sad and funny story below has just been shared in the VLTK Mobile player community and cannot help but attract the attention of many people. Normally, we are too used to female gamers posting to show off their lover’s appearance, weapons, and strength. But this girl really deserves the title of “the most ugly girl of the year” when not only was she not given anything, but she was also stolen by her lover and lost all her savings.


According to the victim – Facebook account Hoang Kim Ngoc Nu shared, she has loaded into the game 8,000 silver coins, intends to buy a costume for her game character including a red Kim Ngoc Man Duong suit, a shirt. Ta Me Quyen Cuong and the dog Tieu Bach Khuyen. However, it is true that the person who counted was not equal to the heavens, before he could do anything, the above amount of money was “lifted” by his lover to buy two shirts. The remaining amount of money is not enough for this female gamer to buy the necessary things as originally planned, while only tomorrow is left for the event to end.


Even if the person who married her was her lover, no one was a stranger, but the loss of her energy without consulting first still made her extremely urgent to post “disguise” her lover immediately.


The funny sharing of female gamers makes many players stop by to comment for fun. Some showed sympathy, encouraged and comforted her, some teased, even advised her to “leave the lover” or “catch the lover to the temple”. However, some others expressed dissatisfaction when she “blasphemed” her lover in front of people like that, “maybe the virtual items in the game are not equal to the lover”. But according to Ngoc Nuc shared, she just wanted to “slam” her lover for fun.

So far, have our gamers seen how interesting there are people in the game? Exciting from simple joys to problems with 1-0-2 that other ordinary couples can hardly imagine. Lovely stories like this are probably not uncommon and will certainly be unforgettable memories in the journey of “plowing and hoeing” together of gamer couples!

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