Super Animal Royale – PUBG pet version of war?

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[Game website] Pixile Studios just released the game Super Animal Royala top-down shooter (top-down view) multiplayer mode with the content of a fierce battle for survival between 64 adorable but bloodthirsty Super Animals.

They can soften your heart with their innocent cuteness, or chill your heart with their brutality. Players can freely choose Super Animals to play, from foxes, pandas, kittens, and many other bloodthirsty monsters. Raid into this ill-fated semi-wild park for a battle filled with bombs and, of course, stupid dances.

Aiming to overcome the minus point of the battle royal genre is the absence of animals, the game supports players with running and shooting gameplay mechanics, combined with the feature of “covering the eyes” with the limiting fog. Create a vision to give gamers the opportunity to promote their own strategic guerrilla play. Explore and admire a stunning 2D world inspired by classic top-down adventures. Gamers need to clear the grass and search for abandoned structures to scavenge guns, explosives, and recovered water to use in their quest to become rulers of all.


No doubt, Super Animal Royal Truly the ultimate 2D battle, streamlined but intellectual for life on a remote island with a forest of strange creatures, wild animals and hamsters as big as mountains. Players can sign up for the free Alpha at or pre-order it for $14.99. Many other interesting games will also be scheduled continuously from now until this October, at the same time Super Animal Royale Available on Steam Early Access PC and Mac versions. Quickly register today!


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