The official CFL fanpage said that the distribution of hacking code is a baseless rumor

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Over the weekend, there were unfounded rumors about an admin in the CFL group spreading hacking code because someone reported it to YouTuber Tony CFM. It can be said that so far there have been quite a few accusations like this and most of them are fake, but this time it seems to be more invested when creating more evidence with videos and photos. There have been many sources proving this accusation to be completely untrue, of which the victim ad An officially said that this is a staged video clip, thanks to a simple group chat trick on Facebook. .

As noted from some members “in the area” in hacking / bug groups also took the time to verify the shared photo whether it was taken a long time ago or just recently. During this search, the original post was identified and it was found that the Facebook post did not match the Facebook ad An appeared in the denunciation clip. So these are 2 different people, in which ad An is not the one who posted the status to share the hack code as rumored.


At the same time, another character claiming to be in the hacking/bug group also posted an explanation that the incident was reported by a group member, perhaps with the intention of causing “war”. This is a picture of a private message between group members only.


Currently, the official fanpage of CrossFire Legends has also officially confirmed that the above rumors are unfounded, affecting the CFL gaming community. At the same time, warn CFL gamers to be alert to the corridor information. Let’s play games that are entertaining, fun and contribute to building a clean CFL game and a growing CFL community.


After passing the rumors, now the gunner who is passionate about shooting, enjoy the relaxing moments when participating in the bloody CFL battlefield!

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