PUBG – A Chinese hacker clip appeared at a net shop

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Like any other popular game, PUBG There are always hackers. However, that does not mean that Bluehole developers are negligent in anti-hack work. In fact, the development team from Korea is very active in this aspect when equipping PUBG with the extremely “friendly” BattleEye system. Every day this system pays an average of 6,000 Hackers with a peak of 20,000 names on the top of the platform. And it’s not surprising that most of these names come from China.


This is absolutely correct because for readers as well as writers, meeting a Hacker with a distinctive Chinese name running around on the map like Flash and 10 headshots is no longer strange. Not only that, they are also equipped with more sophisticated tools like Wallhack or even, according to some gamers, the ability to shoot through walls. That’s why those who are so incompetent, shameless and poor that even just playing entertainment have to play dirty like that makes the real gaming community feel extremely frustrated.


Yes, it is definitely so frustrating that if you accidentally encounter a big guy who dares to hack right in the middle of a crowded place like a net shop.. then you will easily be unable to control yourself. This is exactly an incident in China when a person accidentally filmed the scene where a gamer caught a hacker right in an internet cafe in this country.​

The clip shows the Chinese hacker in PUBG being caught at the net shop.

In the clip we can see how frustrated this player is and continuously attack the Hacker. Only until many people intervened, this gamer left, of course, did not forget to make a meaningful handshake with the guy filming. Indeed, looking at this scene, many of our true gamers can hardly imagine that they will be as restrained as in the Clip… Maybe there will be more interaction in terms of physics?


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