Marvel characters who used to “beat” Thanos

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Thanos will be the main antagonist in Avengers Infinity War with boundless power from the Infinity Gauntlet. This will be the biggest challenge ever that our superheroes Avengers face, even will have to sacrifice many of its members to win. However, few people know in the history of MarvelThanos has been defeated many times by countless different names… And here is the list of people who made the crazy Titan prostrate at his feet.

Peter Quill

Leader of Guardians of the Galaxy Petel Quill aka “wants to be called” under the name Star-Lord, once defeated Thanos in Marvel history. Accordingly, when they and their comrades faced Thanos in the Cancerverse – a dimension of extreme corruption when Death was completely wiped out. This resulted in not a single entity being able to die in the Cancerverse, leading to Thanos’ successive resurrections. Facing that enemy, Quill used the Cosmic Cube with the power to break the link between space and matter to knock Thanos unconscious.. In fact, the power of the Cosmic Cube was so great that it caused Thanos to fall into a state. Plantae life.


Doctor Doom

The events that formed Battleworld saw Doctor Doom become the most powerful entity in the Marvel world.. With a power on par with the universe, the man who now claims to be God Emperor Doom can turn space with just one. snap your fingers. However, every dictator must face an uprising, and when the remaining superheroes launch an attack on Doom’s lair, Thanos also takes advantage of the situation to redeem himself. But instead of confronting the mad Titan directly, Doom remained calm and gave Thanos the opportunity to serve under him.. With his ruthless nature, Thanos immediately responded with arrogant words that it was Doom himself. who must stand at his feet. And in a single move, Doom pulled all of Thanos’ spine and skull from his body… turning everything left of the Titan into a pile of ashes prostrating below.


New Fantastic Four

In Earth version 90266, Thanos with the use of Infinity Gauntlet successfully wiped out half of the universe and all the superhero squads on Earth were disbanded. The Fanstatic Four also shared the same fate when being killed by an alien entity with the ability to transform. This caused the remaining superheroes to form a new Fanstatic Four consisting of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine.

However, when confronting Thanos head-on, Wolverine suddenly changed and asked to submit to the crazy Titan… surprising everyone. All hope lies with Iron Man with Celestial armor and weapons connected to the Negative Zone. But even so, Iron Man’s strength is still not comparable to Thanos. However, in the most dangerous moment, Wolverine suddenly flipped the trump card .. which was the plan of the werewolves for a long time. While Thanos wasn’t paying attention, Wolverine used his claws to cut off the arm wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, making him a sandbag for the muscular Hulk.



Although he is also a god, it is difficult for Thor to confront Thanos directly, which has been shown throughout the trailers of Avengers Infinity War. In the comics, it is no exception when the Thunder God is repeatedly defeated by Thanos time and time again. When Thor was on a journey to stop the Titan from using the Goddess Tarene to evolve into a higher entity and completely control death, Thor was immediately defeated and imprisoned in an ice prison.. However in the countryside. home Odin foresaw the future, having the infamous weaponsmith Jagrfelm forge a shield and gauntlet of strength. Along with these two divine weapons, Odin also gave Firelord bring the legendary Megingjord belt to Thor. Thor, along with the three treasures, pushed his strength to the extreme and immediately used Mjonir to smash the Titan in the face.

It wasn’t until the end that Thor knew that this was a clone of Thanos.. However, his strength was no less than the original.


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