The weirdest mods of GTA 5 that gamers cannot help but install (P3)

Funny Vehicles Pack 1 & 2

Remember when the GTA 3 or Vice City were still roaming the virtual world, the image of searching for a supercar did not exist until there was one, then the whole road suddenly appeared a few dozen children.. which is already a funny story that anyone also heard. However in GTA 5 This time you will not have to suffer from “touching” anymore because the Funny Vehicles Mod will let gamers put their hands on the weirdest drivers ever seen. Here you will see images such as Trevor wearing the right shorts riding the wind carrying goods with a gust of wind.. or a giant chariot with speakers and guitarist stepping out. from Mad Max. All are there, only you want to play to the wharf or not.

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Remember Crysis, a great graphic FPS game with the nickname of a graphic killer? Remember the Nanosuit with the ability to give users crazy abilities like running fast, super strength or jumping extremely high? If you still “crave” that flavor, Mod Crysis will let players enjoy the full power of that armor, feel like they are playing a real Crysis in the GTA 5 world. FIB, SWAT or even FIB gangs, SWAT or even are military forces now just disabled parasites.. because you already own one of the most terrible armor in the game world.



Raven Rock

Raven Rock does nothing more than create a whole new island on the east coast of Los Santos. But don’t rush to pick up your life jacket and swim to this place because Raven Rock is not an ideal tourist destination for those who want to return to life. In fact, this is an isolated military base consisting of many barracks, airfields, missile stations, bunkers, tanks… and dozens of military units. If you want to test your blood toughness, install this Mod right away and immerse yourself in the firepower of Raven Rock.



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Simple Passenger

Simple Passenger is more about convenience for gamers than mischief. There you can hitchhike any car you see on the road, set the address and they will take you there. Instead of having to call a Taxi to return home like before, everything has become much more convenient now. But if you still want to be naughty, the Mod allows you to use weapons from the back seat, ensuring the same cool shooting racing scenes in the movies.


Open All Interiors

For those who have played the first GTA versions, there must have been a wish that every house and building in front of them could open the door and visit. Although GTA 5 cannot do that 100%, it still allows players to visit many blurred buildings throughout the length of its plot. However, unfortunately, after completing the mission and returning, you suddenly find them locked the door for some reason. Mod “Open All Interiors” will solve that problem by allowing you to freely access buildings such as the Lifeinvader office and the Shandy Shore police station.



Ped Riot/Chaos Mode

Remember what happens when you type “FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT” in Vice City? That’s right, Red Riot/Chaos Mode will make the townspeople go crazy and rush into each other’s actions. Only with the Mod in GTA 5 this time, the people of Los Santos will be armed from head to toe, ready to blow away anyone who dares to come close. No God, no government, no police force, this is the apocalypse in GTA 5.

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