The most easy-to-play guns in Call Of Duty Mobile

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Although only officially released in a short time, but the number of players participating action shooting game cult Call Of Duty Mobile VN has reached a very large number, and is still growing. And for new players, learning and mastering certain weapons is important to easily win the game. CODM battle intense. Let’s join EmergenceInGame refer to some basic guns below.

1. RUS-79U or AKS-74U:

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You will receive the AKS-74U when the character reaches level 8

Has appeared in many FPS games, AKS-74U considered a gun Multi-purpose submachine, the most prominent is Very high rate of fire and low recoil. However the inherent drawback of RUS-79U this is The damage is moderate in close range and low if fired from a distanceBut that is also enough for you to take down any opponent to face, because all you need to do is aim for accuracy and shoot only.

With the above variety we can carry AKS-74U Enter any of the game modes in Call Of Duty Mobile VN.

2. AK-117:

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The next member of the family is AK-117, the indicators are just hovering around the average but in return Very high rate of fireTherefore, it will compensate for the sufficient amount of damage at a distance, and when the enemy gets close, the damage stat will become huge. Most of these rifles you will get for free if you work hard and do the task.

3. DL Q33:

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This is the mouth Sniper sniper rifle defaults are given for free when you complete quests and level up. However, not this is a free gift, but it is “corny”, with damage and long range “super huge”, you perform the phase “1 member 1 life” is complete. as long as you can, as long as you can. There are many players using Call Of Duty in foreign countries DL Q33 to climb rank and be successful already!

4. S36:

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If you are calm in all situations then you should choose your speech S36 This is because it simply has quantity Good damage and very high rate of fire. Other parameters are below average, so it is only suitable for players who are calm, careful gameplay and require high precision.

5. Arctic .50:

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If you feel DLQ 33 There are classic and “antique” parts, let’s move on to Arctic .50 always and now. Simply because of the looks of Arctic 50 somewhat more modern, faster rate of fire, additional accessories such as Scope scope and expanded magazine, this sniper will not take over any enemy no matter where you are!

6. SMRS:

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Yes, this is it grenade launcher, rocket shot… or you can call it whatever you like. The power of SMRS will really work if in a situation where there are many enemies focusing on an area. The level of damage is terrible, the accuracy is high, the range is less than the sniper rifles – those are the strengths of SMRSIn return, the gun now has an extremely low rate of fire. You need to consider carefully when using it in certain situations.

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