How to look at League of Legends gamers

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Surely you will be very difficult to remember the date you started creating a League of Legends account, how long have you been playing, how are the rankings, the total number of IPs earned so far? But with the Alliance looking at you, you can completely access that information easily.

Also here, you can easily look up the information of any League of Legends gamer, to quickly grasp their strengths and weaknesses in order to increase their strength and make reasonable tactics when fighting. However, many people do not know how to use this tool? So invite you to follow the following article of

Step 1: Download Union scrutiny about to scan your League of Legends account information. How to use this tool is quite simple, you just need to enter the exact name of the account you want to search for search box, then press Enter. If you do not remember the exact account name, this tool also offers suggestions for you to choose from.

Search for character names

Step 2: All information of that gamer will appear for your reference. Here, you will see divided into 5 separate cards including: Profile, history, jade table, modifier and statistics.

Gamer information

Step 3: In the Profile section, you will know the following information:

  • Ranking and analysis chart: Single, Flex rank as well as Support, AD Carry, Mid Lane, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Jungle, Top, Assassin, Marksman stats can be viewed. These parameters will depend on the total number of heroes of each League of Legends account.
  • Expert: With the top 3 champions, the number of champions you play the most.
  • Last 5 matches: View history of the last 5 matches played.

Gamer profile

Step 4: Part History help you review your entire League of Legends game history:

  • View history of the last 5 matches.
  • See the match details, win, lose or kill / death count.
  • See the loading order displayed over time.

Gamers history

Step 5: You can also easily see it Match overview, with pretty complete statistics for the same 10 players.

Match result

Step 6: An equally important part is Jade table. Here, you can see the full way to increase the gem stats applied to all types of heroes, how the stats increase. From there apply to the Hero I play more effectively.

Jade table

Step 7: Also part Supplementary Table will display all of the add-ins in that account, information is constantly updated. This will help you increase the skill more accurately for the hero you play.

Supplementary Table

Thanks to the accurate information provided by League of Legends, you will have a clear understanding of the match history, leaderboards, levels of play, boards and more to judge your opponents accurately and quickly. Offer reasonable fighting tactics.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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