Call Of Duty: Warzone – Tips for making a lot of money for gamers

It can be confirmed that currency plays an extremely important role in Call Of Duty Warzone because it both helps your character buy equipment, possesses the Killstreak ability and revives his teammates easily. But to make a lot of money is not easy. Therefore, Game fun will reveal some tips to you can make more money in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Choose a skydive location

Choose a skydive location

At the start of the game, the character will not be equipped with a pocket coin so the first thing players should think about is parachuting down to one of the areas with a lot of money. It could be downtown, airport, television station, train station. Money will be placed in chests and scattered on the ground or in the building. But at the same time, those areas also have a lot of gamers, which means a high level of danger, so you need to be vigilant.

Complete the contract mission

Complete the contract mission

The second way to make money in Call Of Duty Warzone is to complete the signed contracts. They are small quests represented by magnifying glass icons scattered throughout the map and have 3 types: type 1 is Bounty will ask you to kill other players, Recon requires you to place a flag in a specific location and Scavenger will give you 3 supply boxes and ask you to loot it.

Kill and steal enemy money

Stealing money from the enemy

The final approach should be done at the end of the game as at this point, the money on the ground is also not much and contracts are also harder to find. Therefore, you can defeat other players, then the money as well as equipment will be dropped, just walk over their bodies and the money will automatically fall into your pocket.

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What to buy from Buy Station

Of course, when you have money in hand, it is up to you to buy anything, but if you know how to spend it effectively, our chances of survival will be higher, right. Here are a few essential items that gamers should refer to

What to buy in Buy Station

Ministry of self-revitalization (Self-Revive Kit) costs 4000 $, what you want, you have to save yourself first, right?

Later, armor (Armor Plate Bundle) for $ 1500 is quite suitable for strengthening your defense.

Next, when you have “bought” the relative safety then let’s “think” of your teammates Team revival package (Squad Buyback) is quite expensive, it’s $ 4,500. But it is also very useful because having more people side by side is always better than fighting alone.

Finally UAV the same price is not cheap either – 4000 $. Sometimes many players still fret at this price but gamers should think again because it is extremely useful in the last round.

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