Become a master of League of Legends in 7 steps

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If also playing League of Legends And if you want to quickly become a master, there are 10 secrets below that you must know and remember. Not too difficult, but not everyone knows these great LOL tips. And sure enough, if you follow this whole tutorial, you will no longer be called a chicken, a buffalo or a pig brain … when playing League.

A pretty big inhibition of the LOL player, is that when the teamfight fails, the skill misses … the majority will suffer a lot of insults, even from their own teammates. The way to overcome that situation is only one, that is how to improve the quality of play, the way of playing and the skills and experience required.

Tips to play Best League of Legends

It should be said that the following 10 ways are not applicable to all, optional and for many players, it may not be a top priority, but it is the advice synthesized from the players who are playing LOL and also. is recommended for newbies who are practicing playing LOL on the game’s forum, but when you get used to it, you can find your own strategy.

1. Practice Farm soldiers fluently

Farm soldiers

Minion Status Improvement is the only and best way to win lane. About 15 minions stat will equal 1 kills. So, if you can afford to get a lot of minion stats then try not to miss it. However, with the majority of LOL players, this is the least noticeable factor, so almost all of them do not spend time on this. If you’re playing League and have watched at least one professional LOL match, you should see this quite clearly. Why don’t you try going to Options, play in it with a defined timeline and see how your minions change after a few times?

Do not think this is useless, because it not only helps you to increase your farming skills but also allows you to practice your skills, combine attacks or use other champions. According to sharing, this is also how a lot of players perform and apply to practice every day.

2. Harrass of Blood (Poke the opponent’s blood)

Bleeding texture

Remember to only do this when you are fully proficient in farming, as this will help you preserve the number of troops against the enemy. We can also practice this skill in Options. The best way is to have someone to play with, or if not, you can play with the machine to practice your ability and feeling of farming against confrontation. The way we will do it here is to hit and back, specifically, attack with our soldiers to wait for the HP to drop and then launch a skill or combination of many skills to end the opponent.

3. Practice combos quickly, properly and promptly


Combos are the special attacks that your Hero has. However, the Gym mode is not yet developed in LOL, so we only have two options, which is to use the Option mode to practice at easier levels or fight directly in reality, accept food. conduct a few … dozen matches, be cursed as goose, chicken, brain *** a few dozen games to learn from other players and learn from experience.

The ability to call in a more professional way is that each player’s combo skill is the best measure of general proficiency, the ability to handle each match as well as the coldness of the finish that the character of you can do it.

4. Practice orientation


The orientation here can be both on the move and during the toss. Speaking of movement, navigation helps you know exactly where your teammates are and how to get there fastest with just a glance at the mini map.

As for skills, of course, it is not because you are full of blood, full of mana, but you give yourself the right to waste them. This is a very big mistake for many amateur League players, because the cooldown may be negligible, but if you use it indiscriminately, without alignment, it is not guaranteed to be effective in combat. , can not destroy the enemy, not to mention will be defeated and even lost turrets.

To improve your bird shooting situation is to join Aram, although not many people know and want to play this mode, but in fact, Aram is the best place for players to practice and improve their abilities. Stay in position, observe the whole game, dodge, target and execute your skills with the most precision.

In addition, in League of Legends or Mobile League, players are also close to remembering, no matter how full mana or health is, how much cooldown will be, there will be times when it is exhausted or unable to heal in time. If you eat onions, you should try to practice and use the combo fluently.

5. Equipped with standard items, attach reasonable jade table, choose smart plug-ins

Character items, gems, and accessories are essential for the characters in the game, although they are so basic, few people understand and know how to properly equip these items for your character. me. For example, what is Ngoc piercing through armor for? What is the effect of increasing the critical rate or reducing the cooldown? What does AD use? What should a tanker spend? Equipping and attaching gems can vary depending on the player and their habits, but it must still be based on real effects to avoid waste. No one wants to be full of items and still have to be a chicken for others to cover, not to mention being reported by his teammates because of poor combat.

If you are wondering why another gamer with similar gameplay, picking generals like me, even lower levels can win, you should ask yourself about these things. Either you do not build correctly, or do not have a reasonable strategy, not to mention whether you hit the combo correctly or not.

6. Don’t hold negative attitudes


No one wants AFK, but if your teammates accidentally dis network, lag, don’t be too persistent but try to chat to insult them, imagine if I fell into that situation and were also treated the same. then what? That is not to mention, while you are busy chatting to nag a person, your teammates may be defeated or maybe you.

Also do not try to report because of inhibition, because the game is for entertainment and fun, losing is of course quite inhibiting but also should not lose the real value of a game.

7. Learn about Countermeasures


Countering not only in League but also almost all tactical RPGs. Knowing and understanding this problem not only helps you play better game, but also helps to avoid enemies in the game or choose the most delicious prey when participating in a large teamfight.

In addition to the generals can counteract each other, the moves of the generals can also counteract each other or destroy, preventing its influence on other teammates.

If you are not a professional gamer and do not have much experience with games like this League of Legends, then you should check out this tutorial to become an excellent gamer.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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