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The super product of the online strategy game Tan Tam Quoc Max has officially been released, let’s Princess join Taimienphi to review the most outstanding events to receive the free Tan Tam Quoc Max Code, as well as instructions to change the code for the Tan Tam game code. Quoc Max in this article.

As soon as you step in New Three Kingdoms Maxplayers can meet epic characters such as Chu Du, Dieu Thuyen, Quan Vu, Tieu Kieu …. each character has their own natural general skills to support Princess Cong to build his career and reputation far away. everywhere.

1. Introducing the game New Three Kingdoms Max

3T Online – Also known as Tan Tam Quoc Max is a free real-time strategy game on Android and iOS, Tan Tam Quoc Max requires players to arrange their troops in accordance with each general. Soldiers battle to counter and win.

2. Outstanding features of the game New Three Kingdoms Max

– Three Kingdoms real-time strategy game for free
– The sound and image bring the heroic historical character
– Freedom to arrange the squad, arrange the battle in your own style
– More than 100 Heroes, each with their own skills and talents
– Many activities and special events take place every day

code tan three kingdoms max

Summary of the latest Code of Tan Tam Quoc Max Mobile

3. Why enter Game Code New Three Kingdoms Max

There is no denying the importance of Code Tan Tam Quoc Max, with them you do not need to load cards, perform tasks, participate in activities and still own many of the game’s most valuable resources and materials.
– Get Gold
– Get Epic Heroes
– Get Military Chest
– Get Rename Card, Recruit Order
– Exp . Experience Bag

4. Latest New Three Kingdoms Max Code List

– 3Q888
– SVIP666
– 3Q2022
– VIP777
– VIP888
– VIP999

Taimienphi is updating and adding Code Tan Tam Quoc Max, readers please come back often to enter the reward code.

5. How to enter Code Tan Three Kingdoms Max

Step 1: After completing the tutorial Beginnersyou choose More => System.

code tan tam quoc max 2

Step 2: Then choose Redeem Code => enter Code New Three Kingdoms Max the latest Taimienphi provided above in the empty box => press Redeem Now.

code tan tam quoc max 3

– Immediately, the player will receive his reward from the GiftCode.

code tan tam quoc max 4

6. How to get new Code Tan Tam Quoc Max
Publisher Tan Tam Quoc Max has been having many events and activities at the game’s official support channels, helping gamers have more opportunities to receive gifts, please visit the link below.
– New Three Kingdoms Max homepage
– Facebook Tan Three Kingdoms Max
– Group Tan Tam Quoc Max
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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