How to split IP Subnet Mask on Windows

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During the development of the Internet, the number of v4 IP addresses is gradually decreasing due to more and more Internet users. In this article, we will show you how to split IP Subnet Mask to save IP.

The division of IP addresses to increase safety and save for network users. There are 2 ways to divide IP: Classfull and VLSM. In this article we will show you how to split IP Subnet IP using Classfull method.

Basic IP knowledge

IP address classifier

There are 5 classes: A, B, C, D, E. Two classes D, E omitted

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Subnet mask (SM)

split ip subnet

Attention: D and E classes don’t use subnet masks

Instructions for sharing IP


  • 2^n > = number of network lines
  • where n is the number of bits borrowed to divide the IP.
  • New subnet mask = class default subnet mask + borrowed bits.
  • Jump = 2^m.
  • Where m is the number of bits remaining after borrowing. m = 32 – Number of new host bits.

VD: Divide IP192.168.1.0 among 6 networks

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We have: 2^n>=6 so n=3

=> New SM: ó /27

Head IP:

Jump: m=32-27=5 => 2^5=32

The following IPs in turn:
Hopefully with the method of dividing IP Subnet IP by Classfull you can split the IP yourself when configuring the network. Also if you want set static IP address then you refer to the article that we have provided.

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