The impressive debut of Round 3 of the top 20 Miss VLTK Mobile after the first day of launch

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After many days of anticipation, finally yesterday (September 14), the top 20 contestants of Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile officially entered phase 1 of the final round to find out the Top 10 best contestants to attend the Gala night at VinPearl Nam Hoi An.

The set of 3 powerful judges of Miss VLTK Mobile

The battle between thousands of girls, now only encapsulated in 20. But not so that the beauty battle between these “pink balls” has decreased more or less, but even more intense and fierce. much more than the first 2 rounds. Understandably, these are all the best girls who have surpassed nearly tens of thousands of contestants from hundreds of servers and thousands of guilds to participate in this round. The competition between formidable opponents is certainly not a “smooth” war. And especially when they are getting closer and closer to the Miss VLTK Mobile title, the concession is non-existent.

The proof is that after less than a day of official launch, the number of Hong Phan Giai Nhan that the female contestants received displayed on the chart has reached hundreds of thousands and is still increasing at a dizzying speed. Thereby it can be clearly seen how high the determination of the girls is to be able to become the face of the beauty and talent of millions of female gamers participating in this game community.

Rank and number of flowers received by the contestants so far

Temporarily leading the chart in round 3 is still a very familiar face – Ryuu Tran Nu. In the inter-server round, she excellently finished in 2nd place, and at the same time is also the famous female giant in the martial arts world who is currently in the top 4 on the server-wide battle force chart. Ryuu Tran Nu from the state of Vo Tinh, server 14 – Kim Son.

Ryuu Tran Nu is temporarily leading the poll for Hong Phan Gia Nhan

After that, the rankings of the other contestants continued to change significantly as well as the number of Hong Phan Giai Nhan donated continuously increased. It seems that many members of VLTK Mobile are giving their all to support their favorite contestant so that they can win the highest title.
As you know, during this period, the contestants will have to record a video clip with the theme “Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile in me” and send it to the organizers to post on the fanpage to attract everyone’s votes. Thanks to that, the girls in the top 20 have the opportunity to express themselves more, more vividly, and at the same time, the audience also has a more “real” view of the contestants, not just through pictures. photos, to make more accurate voting decisions from here.

In addition to Hong Phan Giai Nhan received in the game, the voting score of each contestant is also calculated according to the likes, shares of that contestant’s video on the fanpage, and finally the voting score from the Jury. Therefore, the ranking on the chart on the homepage is only the number of Hong Phan Giai Nhan that the contestants received, not the total score of that contestant.

So 2/3 of the way has closed, a new journey opens before the Miss VLTK Mobile Champion finds its worthy owner. The final destination is not far away, but on the upcoming fierce competition, where will be the face worthy of becoming the face representing the beauty and talent of millions of female VLTK Mobile gamers. Everything is still a mystery, so let’s follow the girls’ journey of self-expression and wait for the final results!

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