10 “ridiculous max” habits that gamers themselves don’t understand (P2)

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Electronic ice blowing

Ah yes, our childhood is here, where the boys keep puffing their lips to blow up the electronic tape and pray to God when plugged in to receive the game. But few people know that it is completely not true. Aside from shooting a million drops of spring rain into the slot, there’s nothing you can do to help. Experts on four-button machines (NES) have confirmed many times when you just need to unplug and plug in the game as usual. And if the tape is too dusty, it only takes a piece of tissue to easily clean, but it is not advisable to “spray a water cannon” on the electronic tape like that.


Hold your breath

This act of holding your breath is also born from the fact that they are too immersed in the game, especially with games with scenes on the bottom of the sea. When the character dives to the bottom of the sea for a period of time, the player himself unconsciously follows it.. Recently, holding breath according to the game was also repeated again in Resident Evil 7 – the horror blockbuster of the year. .


Accordingly, the developers intend to design a mechanism that has never been seen in the game, which is to force the main character to hold his breath to avoid detection by zombies. Accordingly, if hunted, gamers will activate this mechanism an oxygen meter will appear on the screen. If held for too long, the character will become unbearable and make a loud noise, causing the zombie strain to immediately detect the player’s location.

But it is worth mentioning that when the testers played the demo, they did not understand how stressful it was, but held their breath just like the character in the game, causing the developer to worry about the player’s health and immediately eliminate the muscle. this regime.

Hold the button to catch Pokemon easier

This is a legend that was passed on by first generation Pokemon gamers when they wanted to catch Pokemon easier. Accordingly, you just need to hold the B button when the Poke Ball flashes red, the rate of catching that Pokemon will be higher and easier to succeed. However, if you are still one of those who believe in it, my condolences it is not true. Like blowing into ice, it’s just concepts that we as innocent boys come up with to be able to explain confusing things or simply hang out with our friends. Although not true, but at least it is full of joy, reminding us of a silly childhood in those days.


Fake sound

Remember when you first saw the superhero movie? The first swordplay movie? The first video game? Remember when the characters, whether real or virtual, danced with swords and guns in front of the screen, they unconsciously imitated and even recreated them vividly in front of the neighbors. Not only that, many people still keep that habit later and still accidentally make those lively sounds when playing games. Are you, it’s you, are you getting into this habit?

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