Yugi dating Naruto and Goku in the super product Jump Force

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Jump Force is gradually becoming the biggest Anime and Manga-based game in history when gathering the famous names of this territory. Opening with a showdown between Naruto, Goku and Luffy,. game under hand Spike Chunsoft soon attracted great attention from gamers. The image of Kame confronting the power of a Devil Fruit or the power of the Nine-Tails exploding in Naruto’s body has always made fans crazy over the past few months.


But now those images will have to face another force, an equally influential force in the world of Manga and Anime.. Yes, we are talking about “God Card” Yugi Muto from the Game King series Yu-Gi-Oh! legendary.


However, the interesting thing is that it is completely different from the Naruto, Dragon Ball and One PieceYu-Gi-Oh! focus more on mental ability rather than physical strength. That’s why when Yugi takes a stand against Goku, Naruto or Luffy… surely gamers will experience a fighting style never seen before. Many fans believe that Yugi can completely summon Magic cards to fight for him, creating unpredictable transformational attacks.


With the addition of Yugi to my huge list of Manga/Anime characters, Jump Force is gradually becoming a million-ton bomb in hand Bandai Namco and will be a game that we cannot ignore. Jump Force is expected to release next year on PC/Console, all relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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