The female student was hit by the “love thunder” of the owner of the net shop and the unexpected ending

Net shop It must have been a place that has proved a lot of love stories in the past when it was a dating place for many couples. Or it is also a bridge for many young people to find a “matching mind” when they accidentally meet each other at a net shop. However, the story of the female student who was hit by the “lightning of love” of the owner of the net shop and then became a husband and wife as shown in the sharing below, there is indeed a 1-0-2.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

The main character in our story is Vo Thi Thu Quyen (SN 1996, hometown of Dong Nai), currently a fourth-year student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City. Many people will not be surprised to know that this 22-year-old female student who is still sitting in this lecture hall has a perfect home with her husband and 2-month-old son. Thu Quyen’s husband is none other than the “boss”. net shop – the place where she often frequents, is also the place where their love winged with many beautiful memories.

Thu Quyen recalls: “One day he gave me a mango. I don’t know why I remember the face clearly. Later, I thought, well, in Thailand, people give mangoes when they confess their love. I especially like Thai. I don’t know what God has in mind?”


Perhaps it was the skillful arrangement of true fate when soon after, they officially became a couple. Their love will take place as normal as many other couples, and there will not be much change if Thu Quyen does not suddenly find out that she is “pregnant” after 7 months of dating. It seems that at this time, Quyen’s life, study and family will be turned upside down, but on the contrary, she still maintains a stable mentality, does not show panic and fear, but is determined to protect what is right. pregnancy as well as keeping their love even though they have to carry a pregnant belly to go to school. That’s why a wedding soon followed.

A quick wedding was held

Thu Quyen is not afraid to carry her pregnant belly to school until she gives birth.

It is thanks to her positive events and thoughts that now, Thu Quyen has an extremely happy and warm life with a mature, experienced husband, 10 years older than her, and a 2-month-old son. his lovely, lovely.

Thu Quyen is happy with her husband and children, taking care of household chores

In fact in this life, many young girls have been, are and will fall into the same situation as Thu Quyen, but not everyone is lucky enough to be accepted by their lover, protected and protected by their family and have a happy life. live a happy and fulfilling post-marital life like this. Her love story in the net shop as well as the positive attitude of a young mother like Thu Quyen are worthy of many admiration and dreams.​

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