If your CPU is being drained by Monster Hunter World, here’s how to fix it

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Monster Hunter World is sweeping the PC territory as a Japanese game on Steam best-selling of all time, surpassing Dark Souls 3 in terms of sales. That’s why it’s like monster hunting game This cult soon dominates all mouse and keyboard territory at the present time, giving gamers a journey into a fantasy world with giant creatures.


However, no game is perfect as Monster Hunter World is facing many technical problems right now. Accordingly the game title ARPG Capcom’s connection often lost connection when gamers were Party, while the CPU also often encountered overload. This leads to the fact that when playing, you often encounter a situation where the game often stops for a split second, causing discomfort when experiencing.


Fortunately, Modder has embarked on solving this problem with the prime example being Kaldaien – who is famous for the Mod that modifies almost completely the “super bad” PC version of Nier Automata. Called Special K, this Mod allows players to edit image filters depending on their personal preference for colors in the game. Not only that, the Mod also allows gamers to tweak and remove the HUD to make beautiful screenshots.


However, the most notable feature of Special K is the optimization of the way the game works, allowing the CPU to more easily adjust when running. This promises to eliminate the image of the game stalling during certain periods of play.

Readers can view the entire tutorial and download the Mod at:

Note that when applying this Mod, the game image will be in the form of “negative”. Therefore, readers need to follow the instructions and edit to their liking through the menu of the Mod to bring it back to normal or according to personal preferences.

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