Avengers Infinity War – The reason Iron Man still has “Arc” on his chest

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Surely you still remember since Iron Man 3, Tony Stark no longer uses the arc reactor – which used to power the armor and keep shrapnel from entering the heart. However in the trailer of Avengers Infinity Warviewers suddenly realized that Tony was still carrying this reactor on his chest, causing fans to raise doubts about the character’s health.

But now the mystery behind that image has been revealed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekl, along with the official announcement of the name of the armor that Iron Man is wearing.


Specifically, the armor that Iron Man uses to confront Thanos is called “Bleeding Edge” or Model 37. In the comic version, Bleeding Edge uses Nano technology, allowing Tony to activate with his mind and spirit. No need to bring any auxiliary equipment. In short, when receiving commands, Nano Bots will “flow” out of Tony’s body and automatically form armor.


Because it is based on Nano technology, this armor can form any weapon that Tony wants, allowing it to be able to change its versatility in the face of war. During the event of War of the Serpent, Odin allowed Iron Man the right to use the weapons foundry at Nidavellir and Tony decided to dip the entire Bleeding Edge into the Uru metal pool.. formalizing himself as the Iron Destroyer.

Iron Destroyer.

In the movie version of the MCU Bleeding Edge is also based on the same principle, but instead of being stored inside the body it is fused with the arc reactor on the chest. It’s also unclear if the film’s version of Bleeding Edge will use Nano technology, but if it does, it means the armor is nearly indestructible because the Nano Bot has the ability to instantly heal itself.

But maybe only until Avengers Infinity War Officially premieres next April.

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