The father of GTA and shocking scandals in game history

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Famous for a series of super blockbusters (typically GTA ) but just as Nguyen Du once said “talent goes with one rhyme”, Rockstar Games is no stranger to controversies and scandals, most of which are related to violence in the game. Join Emergenceingame.Com to review some of the most scandalous incidents in the history of the game company.

GTA and the violence scandal (1998 and 2001)


The first problem that Rockstar faced was when it started releasing the original GTA game on PS1 in 1998. The game had been released for PC before without controversy but when it was released for the device. playing Sony games, the story is completely different. Just a few months later, GTA received a lot of detractors from the game because the game was one of the few that built the image of the main character as a bad guy when he could hit, kill and destroy. whatever he wants.

Things got even worse after GTA 3 released for PS2. This is the first part in the series built on a 3D 3D graphics platform. The violent fighting scenes are more realistic, making the game even more the target of the violent opposing forces in the game. Exploiting the prostitute aspect and beating them up for money was one of the hottest controversies of the time.

Manhunt and the brutal murders (2003-2004)


Even with the controversy surrounding GTA 3 still not over, Rockstar decided to take it a step further with Manhunt. As a criminal who has escaped the death penalty, the player is thrown into a kind of creepy reality show where the participants’ goal is to eliminate other opponents in order to survive.

The game uses stealth to stay undetected and then executes enemies in brutal ways. Of course, the issue of violence in Manhunt was once again condemned. Worse, by July 2004, a 17-year-old boy had killed his 14-year-old friend with 50 knives in the UK, after which the victim’s parents claimed Manhunt himself was one of the triggers. . The police later denied this, saying that the criminal was addicted to drugs and had to steal money to pay the debt, but the notoriety could not be erased.

GTA: San Andreas and Hot Coffee (2005)


When complaints about violence in GTA series gradually disappeared because of its popularity, another scandal appeared. In 2005, a programmer found hidden code in GTA: San Andreas for a sex mini-game called Hot Coffee, where players were given commands to perform certain “actions” . Although in the minigame the characters are still fully clothed, it’s not even publicly accessible to everyone, but it’s still enough to make a big splash, affecting the game’s age rating. GTA: San Andreas was eventually forced to reclassify, from “Mature” (17 years old) to “Adults Only” (adults only) causing the game to be banned from most video game stores. Rockstar then quickly fixed this version and released a new patch without the minigame to allow the game to be sold again.

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