Top 10 most brain-damaging horror games in the history of the game village (P2)

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Sanitarium (1998)

In the point-and-click adventure game Sanitarium, the protagonist Max is involved in a car accident, and wakes up in a state of madness with amnesia. Players will help Max uncover the mystery of his past by solving puzzles and taking the character to horror locations to remind him of Max’s past. Although the gameplay of this game has been criticized for being too simple, it is still one of the best titles horror game worth playing with an engaging and engaging content.


Splatterhouse (1988)

Originally released in Japanese studios in 1988. The game’s violence was controversial at the time, leading to it being censored upon release in regions outside of Japan. A reboot was made in 2010 but ultimately failed to capture the success and popularity of the 80s arcade version.



Sweet Home (1989)

Years before Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil hit the market, Japanese gamers were introduced to what was considered the horror of one of the true horror games – Sweet Home. Based on a popular Japanese horror film of the same name, Sweet Home is a story about a documentary crew that uncovers the mysteries of a haunted mansion. With traditional RPG gameplay combined with vivid horror elements such as puzzle solving, Sweet Home gives players a feeling of excitement but still has fear to this day.


The 7th Guest (1993)

The 7th Guest was revolutionary when it was launched in 1993, thanks to its cutting-edge graphics and engaging gameplay. Like a few other games on this list, The 7th Guest lets players explore a terrifying castle, solve puzzles, and unravel a mystery. Recognized as a killer for the CD-ROM drive, The 7th Guest brought enigmatic success to the gaming industry and became one of the most playable horror titles in history.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993)

When terrible creatures invade Zeke and Julie’s abode, the duo must work together to fight them and save their helpless neighbors. Zombies Ate My Neighbors offers addicting co-op gameplay, some iconic monsters including zombies and aliens. A game that is fun and interesting enough for gamers to play with their friends.


As clearly illustrated in this list, horror games have always been a part of the industry, and in some cases, there have been titles that have had a major and significant influence on the development of the genre. world game village. While some gamers may be satisfied with modern horror titles, they will always be pleased to return to playing these classics.​

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